Register now for the StiBON training in English.

We recommend not to wait too long to register for the English StiBON training. In case of insufficient registrations for the program, the training will be cancelled 10 days before the starting date.

You are eligible to take part in the training in the order of registration.

When registering for the StiBON Beer ambassador 1 training, you can choose whether you want to become a member of the StiBA alumni network. If you have successfully completed the training, you are registered as a StiBA member. A few times a year, StiBA organizes network meetings or interesting excursions. StiBON Bieropleidingen BV pays the contribution until cancellation. Membership is therefore free for the participant for at least two years.

PLEASE NOTE: registration is not free of charge. In case of cancellation from the participant, costs are involved, the amount of which depends on the time of cancellation. See point 4 of our General Terms and Conditions.

What am I going to learn?

The StiBON training Beer ambassador 1 covers the basics of beer.

During six evenings, various subjects about beer are discussed in a lively manner. The course is concluded with an exam.

Who succeeds:

•Knows the qualities and specifications of most (Dutch) main beer types.

•Knows which factors determine a type of beer (used grains, hops, herbs and fermentation method).

•Can identify the main procedures for receiving, storing, selling and serving beer.

•Understands the basis for making tasting notes and can distinguish the main (Dutch) beer types during a blind tasting.

Competences after training:

Successfully completing StiBON level 1 training means that the participant:

•Can name the characteristics and specifications of six main beer types and distinguish these beer types in a blind tasting.

•Can identify four key factors which have an effect on a type of beer.

•Can name the raw materials of beer and their effect on the final beer.

•Can interpret the terms used on a beer label.

•Knows the main procedures for receiving, storing, selling and serving beer.

•Can assess the quality of beers and provide tasting notes describing appearance, smell, taste and aftertaste.

•Can name and assess various beer/food combinations.

•Can provide basic information on beer and health, and responsible alcohol consumption.

•Is familiar with the basic legislation on beer in the Netherlands.

How much does it cost?

Beer ambassador 1

The costs for the StiBON training Beerambassador 1 is € 495,- ex VAT (€ 598.95 including VAT). This amount includes a book containing the required study material, the beers tasted during classes and the final exam.

The teaching material is given at the start of the first lesson.

Those who have followed five lessons and fail the exam will receive a certificate as proof of participation. Taking the exam is not mandatory, but successfully completing the exam is required to proceed to Beer ambassador 2. If you fail the exam, you’ll have the option to retake the exam or the part of the exam you failed. The costs for an exam is € 60,- ex. VAT (€ 72.60 including VAT).

For those who already have a thorough basic knowledge of beer and want to enroll directly to Beer ambassador 2, there is a possibility to take the Beer ambassador 1 exam. Register for the next English exam. The examination costs are €175,- ex VAT (€ 211.75 including VAT) and StiBON will send you the book. Mind you, the exam should not be underestimated. To be admitted to Beer ambassador 2 you have to pass the exam cum laude and the study material is therefore not easy.

At this moment, Beer ambassador 2 is not given in English yet.

To see training schedule:

The exam

You can sign up for the English exam without training on 18-01-2021:

Beer ambassador 1

The written exam consists of 36 multiple choice questions. The questions are about what is in the curriculum. The participant who has answered 28 questions correctly, will receive the diploma Beer ambassador 1. In order to be allowed to proceed to Beer ambassador 2, 32 questions must have be answered correctly.

An important part of the exam is the practical test part in which the participant receives six beers from the different beer types that have been treated during training. The maximum score is 12 points (2 for each correct recognized beer) and you need 8 points in order to pass the tasting part of the exam.

If a participant does not pass the theoretical or the beer tasting exam, it is possible to retake only the theoretical or the beer tasting part.

For those who want to get an impression of the level of the exam, a general beer knowledge exercise exam consisting of eighteen questions can be found here (in Dutch).

The exams are supervised by the Examination Board, see the ‘examenreglement’ for more information (in Dutch).

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